Frost Construction Company Safety & Risk Management Program

At Frost, we have a saying that we live by Unprepared = Unsafe. We are dedicated to our safety program and the programs that are offered to us through our partnership with AGC Houston. Frost Construction Company is committed to Safety and we take our program for our employees very seriously. AGC Houston provides services to help Frost Construction Company improve safety on our job sites. AGC Safety services are designed to assist members in providing a safe working environment for their employees, Frost Construction Safetywhich demonstrates their commitment to safety to you as a client.

Providing safe working conditions and educating employees on safe working habits can help prevent accidents, save lives, help to avoid citations by OSHA, and lower your workers’ compensation costs.

AGC Houston has a full-time safety consultant, helping members to provide a safe working environment and gives advice on matters of compliance with OSHA and other government agencies.

Some services our safety consultant provides include:

  • Review of your safety program; Company Safety Policy development (manual preparation)
  • Ensuring you have all documents required by various government agencies
  • Inspecting jobsites for potential OSHA violations and unsafe acts or conditions; OSHA inspection (accompany inspector); OSHA conferences (attend with your representative); & video recording (upon request)
  • Training programs for employees on OSHA standards
  • Updates on OSHA regulations & other legislative changes
  • Safety library: videos, posters & other display materials
  • Telephone consultation and safety meetings
  • GC member jobsite inspections that Associate members can benefit from — visual inspection of hazards
  • HAZCOM requirements; federal & state requirements; and verbal reports
  • Hazardous employer issues (Workers’ Compensation Survey)
  • Company drug program development (policy/procedure/implementation)
  • Investigation of accidents

AGC has safety award competitions at all levels!

Frost participates in weekly safety site demonstrations, and as a company we participate in the yearly Stand Down Program, which we have received numerous awards for promoting a injury free environment. Frost is committed to a drug free environment with a zero tolerance allowance. Below is the Stand Down Awards we have received for the Past Three Years.


This Letter is from Governor Rick Perry for our participation in the Stand Down Program:

Letter from Governor Rick Perry