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Fireplace Safety Tip from Frost ConstructionBuilding Materials Safety Alert: Fireplace Industry Address Safety Issues!

Did you know… glass doors on fireplaces can reach a broiling hot temperature of 500 degrees? And the doors can stay hot long after the gas fireplace has been turned off.

That’s a painful lesson learned by more than 2,000 children under the age of 5 since 2009. Toddlers are especially vulnerable to glass fireplace burns and emergency rooms hundreds of these burns every winter.

Known fact: about 11 million U.S. homes have gas fireplaces.

Fireplace manufacturers have agreed to voluntarily add screens to the glass doors by January 2015 to prevent serious burns to children.

However, screens can be purchased separately or retrofitted for safety compliance.

Here are some safety tips for gas fireplace safety:

  • Supervise children, the elderly, disabled and pets near a fireplace, stove or insert that has been turned off.
  • Keep fireplace remotes out of the reach of children.
  • Install a switch lock to keep children from turning on the fireplace.
  • Educate family members so everybody knows that the glass door can be very hot.
  • Be aware that all metal surfaces, including door frames and grills, can get very hot.

Quick Note: Fireplace owners without a screen should contact their gas-fireplace manufacturer to see if they sell a screen that fits their unit or check with other manufacturers that sell numerous types of screens that might also fit.

Remember – safety first when it comes to fireplaces and other heating elements.